About Me
Susan Parker began her racing career when she was 15 years old, in 1995. Susan was one of the top female racers in a male dominated industry. Her very first year racing she won the men's district 6 Motocross Championship; she was considered an expert at the age 17. Susan had competed in both men's and women's expert divisions in motocross, flat track, and TT racing on ATV's.  Throughout Susan's racing career she was featured in many top magazines including: Dirt Wheels, ATV Sport, ATV 4-Wheel Action, local newspapers and more. Susan was featured in the box set Huevos Grandes 1, 2, 3 from H-Bomb Films. The video images of Susan Parker from the Huevos Grandes, were used in the Sony Play Station Game, ATV:Quad Power Racing. Susan Parker has continued to meet many and work with many of the top racers and celebrities throughout her career in the industry. She also had the opportunity to participate in the 'Quad Build' episode on American Chopper with Paul Jr. Designs.

Susan continues to have a love for the racing industry and all of those involved. She has remained committed to the racing industry and the clothing line has allowed her to promote and show her dedication to the industry.

"Well behaved women rarely make history."  

- Eleanor Roosevel



About DSS Most Wanted
DSS stands for Dirt Street Snow. DSS Most Wanted is FEMALE Owned and Operated Clothing & Accessory Line. DSS was founded by retired professional ATV motocross racer, Susan Parker in 2009. DSS started out as a 12-month bikini calendar project featuring female ATV racers, during that time is was named ATV's Most Wanted. Due to very popular demands, the calendar project was expanded into a clothing line and the name was changed to DSS Most Wanted. The reason for the name change was to expand the company and not limit products solely to ATV but to include all off-road sports and activities. DSS now has a variety of clothing & accessories for Males, Females, Youth, and even Pets!  Who knows what is next? Continue to check back for new products.

There have been many opinions concerning the 'Girl Crawling' logo developed and created by Susan Parker. Oftentimes, the 'Girl Crawling' logo would have people gasping or shaking their head.  This logo was created by a female to promote and represent females in a typically male dominated industry.

Future Goals
Susan will continue to grow DSS Most Wanted.  This winter 2018, Susan plans on writing a book fully exposing everyone involved in her court case backed by documentation on the corruption of Lebanon County.   




2011- Toronto International Snowmobile, ATV & Powersports Show Obstacross- Men's Open Champion

2011- Thunder in the Sand Spring- Men's Unlimited Class 3rd Place Overall.

2011- La Tuque Quebec Canada 12 Hour Endurance Race Women's Championship Team, 9th Place Finish Overall in Men's Division out of 40 Teams.

2010- Discovery Channel American Chopper/ Paul Jr. Designs :Bling Star" ATV Build

2010- Opened both an amatuer and pro level "Training Track" for riders. 

2010- Created ATV's Most Wanted Calendar Project

2009- New England ATV (NEATV) Women's Open Champion

2009- ATVA Loretta Lynn National Finals Women's Pro Am 2nd Place Finish

2008- ITP/ Moose Racing/ AMA/ ATVA National Motocross National Series Women's Pro Am 3rd Place Finish

2005- La Tuque Quebec Canada 12-Hour Endurance Women's Championship Team

2002- AMA North Eastern National Short Track Men's Expert/ Pro Champion

2002- AMA District 6 Trail-Way Speedway Short Track Men's Expert/ Pro Champion

2002- AMA District 6 Short Track Men's Expert/ Pro Champion

2000- Pennsylvania Golden Gloves Boxing Champion

2000- Lancaster Fighting Competition Champion

1999- Valvoline Supercross Montreal Canada Men's Pro first women ever to qualify for this event

1998- AMA ATV Nationals MX & TT Racing in both Men's and Women's Divisions

1997- AMA ATV Motocross National Women's Champion

1996- AMA District 6 Motocross Racing Men's B Divisions

1995- AMA District 6 Motocross Men's B Champion


-My mother has stuck by my side through everything and without her I wouldn't have done any of the things that I have.  I owe everything to my mother, Marie Parker.  Marie Parker is Susan Parker. 

Susan M. Parker