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Dedicated to the racing community.  From young to old, from kids to adults, from beginners to experts, having kids and adults involved in this sport keeps them off the streets and off of drugs.  When they are on the track riding & racing they are off of the streets. But thanks to the Erb family, the facility has been permanently shut down. 
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Permanently Shut Down.
The Parker Compound has been permanently shut down.  It has been court ordered to be fully leveled.  The Parker family was given a choice that if Susan Parker permanently moved out of the area then the civil case would be dropped against the Parker family. 

Susan's track has been there since 1998 way before Falcon Crest developement was built.

Many of you may know the ongoing battle that the Parker Compound and the Parker family has been dealing with from the Erb family who reside in Falcon Crest, the developement across the street.  The Parker family was served with court issued papers.  Due to the threats being made by the Erb family (criminal plots and threats) and because of what the Erb family is capable of with their connections to the district attorney, law enforcement, the township, etc. This is a matter that is out of our hands and the best solution before anyone gets into great trouble or severely hurt is to level the track.  We are dealing with obsessed and mentally disturbed individuals and we believe this is the best solution. 

The track case was and is not the only case these people put the Parker family through.  It is believed to be that the Parker's agricultural land is desired for housing developement.  They are trying to drive the Parker family completely out so they can obtain their land for virtually nothing. 

They can take away material things but can never take away the accomplishments and success in the offroad industry that Susan has done.  For those of you who knew the criminal case attached to this case, they took away Susan's freedom and tried to break her mentally.  The township mocked some of her positive quotes in the track's served paper work but never ever have accomplished breaking her.  Her clothing line still continues to grow among all her other projects. 

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"Well behaved women rarely make history."  

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